Indonesia: Night in Yogyakarta City

Yogyakarta city name may no longer sound familiar to fans tour the streets, in Indonesia the city became the second tourist destination after Bali for foreign and domestic tourists. Various epithets aimed at this particular area, ranging from the cultural city, university town, city to city gudeg batik. Not to mention writing a variety of Jogjakarta, among others, Ngayogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, Djogjakarta, or Jogja make this city unique impression.
In addition to cultural heritage, Yogyakarta has beautiful natural panorama. Sites or objects of cultural heritage relics of the past widely spread in the region of Yogyakarta. The city is never dead, day or night Jogja still presenting the beauty for everyone


When the night, Malioboro more alive. Malioboro, which in Sanskrit means "bouquet" became the basis of naming the street. Malioboro is a one-way streets are flanked by hotels, shops, markets, and restaurants. Every night, at roadside stalls filled with typical lesehan Jogja with bright lights. On the patio stores and souvenir sellers teradapat many souvenirs of Jogja at bargain prices. Variety of goods ranging from local handicrafts, batik, silver and trinkets sold in shops along the corridor.

-Kilometer Zero Zone 

Regions zero kilometers is the end of Malioboro street, naming the 'zero kilometer' because this place is the center of the start of counting kilometer in Yogyakarta. Various historical buildings in the region, among others, St. Francis Xavier Church, Bank Indonesia (the former building of De Javasche Bank), General Post Office Building, Bank BNI 46, a former building Matschcappij Nill, Building Societeit de Vereeneging, the Great House as a Keraton presidency during a visit to Yogyakarta, Ngejaman (Stads bell-shaped), and Margo Mulyo Church is banguan Dutch heritage that still functioned until now.
In addition to historic bangunah, as night zero kilometer area became the center of the community and tourists. In one corner there is a monument General Offensive March attack that is often used for exhibitions, festivals, and concerts at night. Zero kilometer area also became a public space to communities in Yogyakarta, call it music community, Bike community, as well as community artists often spent the night in the region.
The arrangement of lights and parks also enhance this area, as well as a variety of foods of Jogja is easily found at night when the tourists indulge tongue. 


Angkringan derived from the Javanese language, which means sit back angkring. Angkringan usually a pushcart that sells a variety of cat food such as rice, quail egg satay, fried, wedang ginger, and so on. Angkringan is an egalitarian place for visitors to vary from various walks of life. Starting from the artists, humanists, students, families, an office employee all blend into one. They all enjoy a night on the famous place to chat while eating late into the night.


If a visit to the cultural center of Keraton Yogyakarta, visitors will pass through an area large enough that a court of the Keraton, called the Alun-alun. Keraton itself flanked by two Alun-alun, the first Alun-alun north and south of the Alun-alun. In Mawlid, when nighttime plaza north enlivened by the night market which is a folk festival market. In this place also often a big music event held at night. 

-Tugu Jogja 

One symbol that is quite famous in Tugu Jogja Jogja is a handsome old building still standing in downtown. This monument is located at the intersection of Jalan P. meeting Mangkubumi on the south side, Jalan PM Sangaji on the north side, Jalan Sudirman in the east, and P Diponegoro Street on the west. 15-meter-high monument was unveiled on October 3, 1889 or 7 Sapar Java Year 1819. The building of this cone is the imaginary axis that connects the South Coast, Kraton Yogyakarta and Mount Merapi.
The building history is a favorite visitor at night, late at night, many tourists who visit the monument was to take pictures. At night, Tugu Jogja is the main attraction for the travelers as the exotic beauty of the lights in the middle order is captivating. 

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